Arriving at the Conference

Venue of the Conference

Maarjamäe History Centre, Pirita tee 56, Tallinn (Maarjamäe Palace, Film Museum, stables)

Walking and Cycling

The location of the venue offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a beautiful walk by the seaside. Coming from the city centre you can follow the newly-built promenade Reidi tee. Although the walk is about 4 kilometres in total, it offers some of the best-known views to the Tallinn panorama and the Tallinn bay. Those who find themselves in a hurry half way through the walk, can grab an electric scooter readily available in several points. Just download the app of Bolt, Tuul or Bird, find the closest scooter and the ride can start. The price differences between different service providers are minor – Bolt: € 0,50 + € 0,15 min, Tuul € 1 + € 0,15 min and Bird € 1 + € 0,15 min.

Those who prefer bicycles to scooters might want to check rental companies like City Bike located at Vene 33 in the Old Town or 16 Euro Bike Rental at Munga 4 (both in the Old Town).

By Taxi or Ride-Sharing

In Tallinn you can use both the services of traditional taxi companies (for example Tallink Takso, +372 640 8921; Takso24, +372 640 8927; Tulika Takso, +372 612 0000) as well as ride sharing platforms like Bolt and Uber.

For taxis the starting fare can be maximum of € 5.50 and fee per kilometre maximum of € 1.10. Using the ride-sharing apps the fee depends as usual based on supply and demand, but you will get the indication of the final price before ordering.

By Bus

Public transportation system is a fairly straightforward network of buses, trolleybuses and trams, all of which use the same ticketing-system. You can buy the green public transportation card from any of the news stands or grocery stores.

From the centre, most major bus routes leave from the terminal under the Viru Keskus, or from Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square). Routes and timetables are listed here.

To reach the conference venue take a bus from Viru Keskus (1A, 8, 34A or 38) or Vabaduse väljak (5) and exit in Maarjamäe bus stop.


If you choose to drive to the Maarjamäe History Centre of the Estonian History Museum, you can find a parking lot free of charge located at Pirita tee in front of the staircase leading to the Maarjamäe Palace.

The next free parking lot is located about 500 metres away, near the Memorial to the Victims of Communism at Pirita tee.

In Tallinn city centre though you will that parking comes with fees. Public parking on streets in the town centre, as well as a few streets in Old Town, costs € 1,5–6 an hour, depending on the zone. Buy per-hour parking passes from street side vending machines or kiosks, and be sure to leave a parking clock (or barring that a written note) on your dashboard to mark the time that you started parking.

Wheelchair Access

In the Maarjamäe History Centre wheelchair access is provided to all buildings and all exhibitions. After arriving at the venue, please contact the security of the Estonian History Museum by dialling +372 696 8630 and the guard will find the most convenient way for you to reach the premises. You may also contact the organisers in advance ( so that we can offer any help if needed.