CIDOC 2021 conference is partly funded by Enterprise Estonia and European Union European Regional Development Fund.


CIDOC 2021 conference takes place in Tallinn in May 2022 and explores three topics under the headline of „Symbiosis of Tradition and Digital Technology“: planning and implementing strategies, the future of documentation and a wonderland of digital technology. 

By hosting the conference in Tallinn, the organisers aim to introduce Estonia to the museum and documentation proffessionals as a digital society and culturally well-developed travel destination. It will be suggested, that the conference tourist will be inspired to visit Estonia in other circumstances aswell. To fulfill this aim, several of Estonia’s exemplary museums and other cultural organisations will be directly introduced to the conference goers. CIDOC 2021 team will also present Estonia as a desireable tourist destination on all of the conference’s online platforms and brochures.


The funding provided by Enterprise Estonia is used for organising the hybrid conference of CIDOC 2021. The support goes specifically towards providing technical aid for conference sessions and online connections for those who cannot attend conference on-site. The use of conference venue is also partly covered by the fund.

The amount of funding provided by Enterprise Estonia and European Union European Regional Development Fund is 29 698.90 €.